Scrap Art Minions


Turn your fabric scraps into these cute Minions collages.

scrap art minions
To celebrate the opening of the new Minions movie, we have been getting crafty and making some Minions of our own at home this weekend.

I spent a lovely hour with my two sons today, going through my fabric scraps and their crafts supplies, to find all that we needed to create these unique Minion collages. Unfortunately this activity was unsuitable for my 3 year old daughter to join in with, as it involved using sharp fabric scissors, which she wouldn’t have been able for.

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How to make a Scrap Art Minions

scrap art minion supplies


For each Minion you will need:
Yellow Felt
Blue Denim
Black Felt
Black Wool
Googly eyes
Yellow or blue straws
Fabric scissors
Glue and brushes
Fabric chalk

I wanted the boys to be as hands on as possible with this activity, which meant handing over my precious fabric scissors for them to use to cut through their fabric pieces. These scissors are very sharp, so I did strictly supervise this activity and did step in to assist them when they were struggling. My 7 year old son needed very little assistance, but my 5 year old did need a little help and encouragement along the way, as the scissors were a bit large for his little fingers.

making a minion collage

The boys began by taking a piece of fabric chalk and using this to mark out the shape of their Minion on their yellow felt before cutting it out.

They then repeated this process with the denim to create the Minion’s dungarees.

They used the black felt to cut out hands, feet and the google straps.

The boys then decided to use some little pieces of straws left over from another activity, to make the arms and legs.

They then glued all of their pieces down onto a sheet of blue paper and finished off their Minions with a goggly eye or two and some snips of black wool for their hair!

making a minion collage
Have you been to see the Minions movie yet? We weren’t able to go this weekend, but we hope to go very soon and it is a close call as to who is the most excited about it!!

scrap art minion scrap art minion

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