World Cup 2014 – Flag Crafts


Love it or loathe it your not going to be able to escape it
over the coming weeks. #WorldCup2014 Fever is about to strike with the first
match Brazil v Croatia kicking off tonight. 
We’re a houseful of football fans so we’ve all very excited. My kids
will be in bed for the live matches. They are on so late with it being held
over in Brazil, but they re still eager to get involved by making flags for
their favourite countries and we are having a family “Guess Who is going to
win?” before they go to bed each night.
We printed out flag templates from  There are also lots more World Cup themed
colouring pages, puzzles and worksheets for you to print out and do on this
website as well.  We’ve had great fun
already designing our own kits and doing word searches, as well as making our
We decided to make England,
Brazil, Japan
and Russian flags to get us started.  England
because that is where we were all born, Brazil
because they are hosting, Japan because my eldest is obsessed with Bullet
Trains and Russia
because that is my pre-schooler’s favourite country on our World map poster. I
think because it’s so big and therefore easy for him to remember.
There are so many ways in which you can decorate your
flags.  We used mosaic style tiles cut
out of sugar-paper, scrunched up pieces of tissue paper and good old fashioned
colouring in.  You could also paint them
or even turn them into bunting by attaching a long line of them onto a ribbon
or piece of string.
The boys really enjoyed the gluing and sticking elements of
this activity and my toddler really got into colouring in her flags and messing
around with the tissue paper! 
We had a bit of a pre-match warm up game in our garden tonight
and I must say that my two year old daughter is showing much more footballing
promise than my two sons. She can kick the ball more accurately and dribble the
ball better than both of the boys, but shhhhhh don’t tell my husband I told you
For more World Cup 2014 related crafts and recipes from
around the world check out my new Pinterest board which I ll be adding to as the games go on.

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