Autumn Trees for 2-6 year olds to do together


Are you looking for an autumn arts and crafts project that all of your children can enjoy doing together? Why not make our giant autumn tree collage! You will also find lots more ideas for simple autumn tree projects for kids here as well.
autumn tree arts and crafts


Fall is finally here! We are already starting to enjoying the changing colors of nature happening all around us. Is there any better time of year to get outdoors and teach your kids about the natural wonders of our natural world?!? It is also the perfect time of year to indulge in some awesome arts and crafts with your kids. The colors and textures of autumn are ideal to engage kids. Autumn trees are a great project to start with and we are sharing lots of fun ideas for you to do with your kids.

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Giant Autumn Tree Collage

I love to create projects for all of my children to work on together. It’s great to see the boys working together to teach their little sister new skills. She learns so much from watching and taking part in the same activity as her big brothers.

This type of activity is not without its challenges. There can be a certain amount of referring involved, especially if my toddler decides to enter destructive mode! Preparation is very important, as this means you are then free to sit down and get involved in the activity straight away to help keep it on track.

For this activity I prepared the tree trunk and branches ahead of time by cutting pieces out of an old cardboard box and gluing them onto white paper.  I then set the boys on cutting leaves out of red, yellow and orange paper to reflect the colours of autumn. Whilst the boys did this I tore some red and orange tissue paper up with my toddler. I then helped her how to glue and stick these onto our picture. The boys then came over and glued their leaves on and helped out their little sister out with her tissue paper task. Then we took a few toilet rolls from our making box and squashed them down into oval leaf shapes. The kids then dipped these into red paint and printed a few more leaves onto our tree.

autumn tree arts and crafts

The kids worked really well together on this activity.  We finished our tree off by adding a large letter t onto the trunk.  My second son has just started out in Junior Infants and we are incorporating his letter of the week from school into some of our activities. This is to help reinforce what he has been learning at school in a fun and engaging way.


In the Springtime we enjoyed making this Giant Flower Collage together.

Autumn Tree Arts and Crafts

Finger Painting

Finger painting is great for all of my kids to do together. They all love to get messy and hands on during our activities. My toddler does tend to get a bit carried away though and she often ends up with her hands and arms covered in paint, so I always have wipes or soapy water on standby to contain the potential messy situation.autumn tree finger painting

Kitchen Masher Painting

We love to use ordinary household items in our arts and crafts activities. We had a great session using kitchen utensils to create some autumn tree pictures.  Kitchen mashers, washing up brushes and scouring pads work really well.

autumn tree finger painting

Cork Painting

Corks are a very versatile material to work with. They are perfect for little fingers to grip and stamp with and they make great leaves.

autumn tree cork painting

Cotton Bud Painting

Great for working on those fine motor skills. This is a real favourite with my 4 year old and 2 year old in particular.

autumn tree cotton bud painting

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  1. I've never had my kids all work on a craft project together (2 year old twin girls, and a 1 year old boy). I think finger painting would be the best for them! I'll have to try it sometime! Stopping by from the MomsHelpingMoms FB group! 🙂

  2. Finger painting would be a great activity for all of your children to have a go at together. You can even make edible fingerpaint now if you are concerned about your little one eating the paint! You will be able to find lots of recipes over on Pinterest.

  3. I quite often have my two boys work on something together, but I haven't let their little sister lose on them yet… 🙂 I should probably try! This is a great activity for them to do. #letkidsbekids

  4. Love the fantastic selection of leaves …especially the toilet roll stamps! But just the fact that they've done them however they wanted, without a pre-defined 'kind' that they're all supposed to be!

  5. Visiting from #brilliantblogposts and I love these ideas. I especially like the toilet roll tubes to make leaf prints and the cotton wool bud ones. Will be trying these out with my little boy.

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