Flower Crafts


Tissue Paper Flowers

My 4 year finishes up at his pre-school this week.  I can’t believe I am going to have two kids at big school come September!  He is so excited about it, especially after meeting this new teacher yesterday.  Lets just hope he’s as excited come September. He has had a fabulous teacher at pre-school who has done wonders to help improve his confidence, so we wanted to make her a special thank you gift.  He really wanted to take her some flowers.  We have some lovely sweet peas growing in our garden at the moment and he decided he would take some of these for her.  But we thought it would be great as well if we could make some flowers that she could keep as well to remember him by, along with a hand-made card.

Tissue paper flowers were the obvious choice as Freddie had made some lovely tissue paper flowers for me for Mother’s Day at nursery.  To make the tissue paper flowers we cut circles of different coloured tissue paper and then I pierced a whole in the middle of them using a sharp pencil. We then layered up a few pieces of the tissue paper rounds, threaded them onto a pipe cleaner and added a button onto the end of the pipe-cleaner. We also had a craft pack of foam flowers to press out and make up which my granny had won on a tombola last year.

 We made a selection of each and then decorated an old fruit smoothie box to act as our vase and to allow us to transport them safely in the car.
 Flower Collage

Leaflets and magazines are great to cut up and make collages from.  We do this quite a lot with supermarket circulars and old Sunday supplements.  It’s a great way for my 4 and 6 year old boys to practise their scissor skills and my 2 year old loves to mess about with the cuttings ripping them and throwing them all over the floor! To give our collage a floral twist we decided to cut up our leaflets into petals, leaves and stem shapes so we could create our own gorgeous blooms at home. To create our flowers we added in some buttons and pom-poms to represent the centre of the flower and then added our petals around them.  We then glued on the stork and the leaves. My 2 year old daughter had great fun wielding a glue stick around and she did manage to stick a good few shapes onto her piece of paper.  She did try and cause a bit of trouble for her brothers though by trying to swipe their buttons!

 My 4 year old pre-schooler then had a really good idea to make his picture even more floral. He wanted to add in some more flowers using paint and cotton wool buds to dot them onto his picture. We had used this flower painting technique a few weeks earlier after seeing the idea on Pinterest and he had really enjoyed doing it. So I grabbed some paint and cotton buds and we set to work to finish off our pictures and they turned out really well.

Play-dough Flowers

We are all big fans of play-dough and we love to use it along side other interesting materials to make lots of different things.  We wanted to continue with our flower theme, so we decided to have a go at making some play-dough flowers.

The kids got busy cutting out shapes for the flowers and I rummaged around the craft draws to see what we could use to decorate them.  We choose googly eyes, pom-poms, buttons and bits of pipe cleaners.  We then used lollysticks for the stems and we displayed them in an old egg box, using a ball of play-dough to hold the flowers up. 





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  1. I would want to improve my son's scissor skills too! I might try the first flower project as it is easy and we have so many magazines at home. And this is not messy too. I still am not using my paints at home as we have been busy. Will probably try this first more than using the paints =) #brilliantblogposts

  2. My boys are bigger now but will still squeeze in the odd arty thing every now and then. As an antidote to not doing more I am blogging about nature activities I used to do with them and for my work … and some of these are crafty!

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