Guest Post – DIY Bird Feeders


Make your own DIY Bird Feeders

My children love collecting sticks, rocks, flowers and other natural objects. We spend countless hours outdoors and as a result, our house and porch are usually full of their collections. I instead of filling up our flower beds or garbage can with sticks, I am always looking for crafts that use them. This time I thought it would be fun to make bird feeders.

These are pretty simple to make and are great for practice building fine motor skills as well. My 5 year old son used string and my 2 year old daughter used twisty ties. I didn’t feel like my daughter could handle the string, but the twisty ties worked perfectly.

These feeders are also refillable. Just unwind one side of the twisty tie, refill with cheerios and rewind back onto the stick. Do kids ever get tired of having birds around to watch?
Materials Needed
Pipe cleaners or twisty ties
Hot glue (optional)


  •  Break or cut sticks into four equal lengths.
  • Hot glue sticks together to form a square or rectangle. You can also use string to lash the corners together.
  • Wind one end of the pipe cleaner or twisty tie around one of the sticks.
  • Thread cheerios onto the pipe cleaners.
  • Wind the loose end of the pipe cleaner around the opposite stick. This is where you can have fun and get creative making different designs. My kids are kind of young so we kept ours simple.

  • Cut at least a 2 foot length of string and tie the ends to one of the sticks to make ahanger.
  • Hang feeders on a tree or bush with large enough branches to support birds.
  • The kids will love watching birds from the window.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Hi, I’m Mae and I blog over at about my adventures in connecting my family with the outdoors. My moto is SIMPLY OUTDOORS EVERYDAY. My hope is that my children will learn to lead active and healthy lives while gaining a respect for the environment. Thanks for having me Nicola.