Melting Hearts: A Preschool Science Experiment


Explore the concept of ice with our Simple Melting Hearts Preschool Science Experiment. A perfect indoor activity to do in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

melting ice hearts preschool science experiment

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melting ice hearts preschool science experiment

Ahead of the activity

Add a few drops of food colouring and a dash of glitter to a jug of water. Fill a mini heart shaped mould and pop it into the freezer until all of the hearts are completely frozen.

Melting Ice Hearts Preschool Science Experiment

Because this is a preschool science activity, I kept the terms very simple and concise when I talked my preschooler through what we were going to do.

I popped the hearts out of the mould into the tray and explained to my daughter how the water mixture we had placed into our freezer had now become solid and turned into ice. Our job during this science experiment  was to try and turn the ice back into water by melting it.

Step 1 – Warm Water

I picked up the water dropper and showed Bella how to suck up the water from the dish with it and then squeeze this over the ice, explaining that the heat of the water will help melt the ice hearts.

She then had a go with the water dropper and soon got the hang of it.

melting ice hearts preschool science experiment water droppers

She watched with fascination, as the hearts began to leak red water over the tray. But she then her smiled started to drop and she became frustrated as the hearts just weren’t melting fast enough for her high preschool energy levels.

Step  2 – Body Heat

I had to quickly think how we could up the ante before her frustrations turned to real tears.

I picked up one of the hearts and closed my hand around it for a few seconds (it was very cold!). I explained that the warmth from my hand would help to speed up the melting process. She promptly joined me and picked up an ice heart of her own.

Bella enjoyed the feel of the cold, hard ice on her hands, but they still weren’t melting fast enough for her.

Step 3 – Warm Water and Salt

Our final attempt was to add salt to some warm water. Salt lowers the freezing point of ice, which helps to speed up the melting process.

melting ice hearts preschool science experiment

The salt quickly eroded a hole into the centre of the ice, as Bella vigorously squirted and poured water over it.

melting ice hearts preschool science experiment done

She carried on until all of the hearts had melted and happily splashed around in the water for a few minutes.

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    • Bella played for ages with the water at the end of our activity. She loves playing with water and it is one of our go-to rainy day activities.

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