Personalised Canvas Art


Take a canvas, some masking tape, some paint, add your kids and you can create a lovely piece of unique art work.

We recently moved into a new house and we really wanted to make the kids own art work a big focus in their new play room.  Displaying their work is a great way to add fun and colour to the room and it’s a great way to give the kids a sense of ownership over the room.

The first thing we decided to do was to paint a canvas to hang over the fireplace.  We got a canvas and I used masking tape to create the word Play in the middle of the canvas. I then got each of the kids to do painted hand prints all over the canvas. The older two had great fun painting their own hands and splatting them onto the canvas whilst I helped my toddler to paint their hands and helped to print these onto the canvas as well.  Once the paint had dried I pulled off the masking tape and added a black border around the letters and this is the result…

It was a really special way to capture their hand sizes during the first few weeks in our new home as well and it will be great to look back on over the coming years as they grow up in our new home.

This exercise can be repeated using other words or creating shapes and patterns with the tape and getting your kids to either hand print, finger paint, sponge paint or just use paintbrushes or whatever else you have to hand.  Another cool idea would be to drive your kids cars through paint and then drive them over the canvas!

What canvas art are you going to create?


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