An Invitation to make Valentines Day Playdough Love Bugs

Make your own Valentines Day themed play dough and have fun making some Love Bugs (and more) with it.
valentines day play dough love bugs  I had to think of a quick calm down activity for my littlest two yesterday, when Daddy decided to take Liam off for the afternoon to climb a mountain. Usually Daddy would happily take the three of them off my hands on a Saturday afternoon, but this particular mountain was just too big for Freddie or Bella to handle.

So I was left to pick up the pieces after they left. I decided that mixing up some play dough might just do the trick to calm them down. Both Freddie and Bella love play dough and I thought a bit of therapeutic kneading and rolling would give us all chance to work our frustrations out.

valentines day play dough love bugs

I mixed up a basic play dough recipe of

  • 2 cups flour,
  • ¾ cup salt,
  • 1 tbsp oil,
  • few drops of red food colouring
  • 1 cup hot water.

I added the flour, salt, food colouring and oil into my electric mixer and then gradually added in the water until I had achieved the right consistency.

I then let the mixer work its magic for a good 5 minutes to ensure the dough came out nice and soft and stretchy.

Whilst the dough was mixing up, I quickly gathered together a selection of craft materials, along with some heart shaped cutters and a rolling pin for each of them to use with their play dough, to turn it into Valentine’s Day Love Bugs.

 The final tears were wiped away and the three of is settled down together to make some Love Bugs with our home made play dough.
valentines day play dough love bugs
 It was actually a really lovely half an hour in a somewhat stormy afternoon.
They both settled into the activity well and created lots of little Love Bugs. They worked away pressing in googly eyes, stabbing in pipe cleaner arms and legs and sticking on wool to create some crazy hair on some.
valentines day play dough love bugs
As the activity went on their creations started to get a little bigger than the heart shape cutters I had initially laid out for them. This was great to see though; I love to see what new ideas the kids come up during the course of our making sessions. Bella made a lovely “Cat” and Freddie made a very scary “Love Monster!”
valentines day play dough love bugs

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  1. these looks great – you might want to think about linking to my #craftingprompt nex week (theme is googly eyes!). I will be trying these with my son soon I think


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