The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Wrap Activities for Kids


Celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day with one of these awesome bubble wrap activities. Falling on the last Monday of January, this has to be our favourite random appreciation day. We love using bubble wrap in our projects over here at Crafty Kids at Home and it seems that lots of other kids activity bloggers share our passion. We have compiled a list of all of the kids bubble wrap activities that we could find, for you to have fun popping and working through with your kids.

45 bubble wrap activities for kids

Spring Themed Bubble Wrap Activities for Kids

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Decorate your home over St Patrick’s Day with our Bubble Wrap Salt Dough Shamrocks.

Paint our Bubble Wrap Spring Lamb.

Enjoy Easter Egg Painting with Bubble Wrap.

spring bubble wrap activities for kids

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with Red Ted Art’s Bubble Wrap Hearts.

Print a Rainbow with Bubble Wrap.


Summer Themed Bubble Wrap Activities for Kids

Get ready for back to school and make our Bubble Wrap Bookmarks.

Carry on with the back to school theme and craft a Bubble Wrap Wheels on the Bus.

Our most popular craft to date, Bubble Wrap Jellyfish.

summer bubble wrap activities for kids

Bubble Wrap works great on these Fish themed party bags.

Make a Bubble Wrap Starfish.

This Fish mobile would look great hung up in your playroom or kids bedroom.

Autumn Themed Bubble Wrap Activities for Kids

Stamp with Bubble Wrap and make our Autumn Trees.

After making our trees, why not stamp out some Bonfire Night pictures as well?

autumn bubble wrap activities for kids

Decorate your windows with these Corn  Suncatchers.

Make some Halloweeen Bubble Wrap Monsters.

Pop on  a Bubble Wrap mitt and stamp out a Hand print tree.

Winter Themed Bubble Wrap Activities for Kids

Make our Bubble wrap Snowman Snow Globe.

Dec your halls with one of our Bubble Wrap Holly Wreaths.

Create Christmas baubles pictures to go on your Christmas cards.

winter bubble wrap activities for kids

Make a Snowman out of Bubble Wrap.

Print a Snowman with Bubble Wrap.

Stick with Bubble Wrap in this Sticky sensory play.

Print a Christmas Tree with Bubble Wrap and make a Christmas card

Indoor Games using Bubble Wrap

Jump around as you play XO Hop.

Roll it into a ball for a spot of Bubbly Bowling .

Make a Bubble Wrap Road to ride your toys cars up and down.

Learn as you Hop and Pop your way through this Rhyming Activity.

Pop Bubble Wrap as you read the Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

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Animals Crafts made from Bubble Wrap

Our Bubble Wrap Tortoise makes the perfect pet.

Have fun painting and printing with Bubble Wrap to make our cute giraffe pictures.

Buzzzzzzzzzzz! Have fun fingerprinting this Bubblewrap Bee Hive

Roar!! Make some Bubble Wrap Dinosaurs 

Craft a Crazy Crocodiles out of Bubble Wrap.

Process Art Activities for Kids using Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap Painting is perfect for Toddlers.

Don’t want to get paint on your hands? Then pop on a Bubble Wrap Painting Mitt.

Explore and paint shapes with Bubble Wrap.

Get hands on with Bubble Wrap Finger Painting.

bubble wrap process art for kids

Enjoy some really Big painting which all your kids can enjoy doing together.

Highlighters look really effective on Bubble Wrap.

See what happens when you mix Shaving Foam and Bubblewrap togeher.

Simply Paint and print with Bubble Wrap.

This looks awesome fun. Bubble Wrap Body Slam.

Get the kids let off some steam with a spot of Bubblewrap Stomp Painting .

Paint on Bubble Wrap with all of the colours of the  Rainbow.

See what your kids can create with this Bubble Wrap Stamping activity.

Print a beautiful Bubble Wrap Collage.

45 bubble wrap crafts for kids


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