Best Kids Activities of 2014

Bubble wrap Jellyfish Happy New Year! Today we are looking back at our best post from 2014. Hosted by Mamasmiles, we have teamed up with a whole bunch of fantastic kid’s activities bloggers to share our “Best Kids Activities Blog Posts 2014” with you to entertain, help and hopefully inspire you this New Year. Bubble … Read more

Simple Christmas cards for kids to make

We’ve been busy making a start on our Christmas cards this week. Sending actual Christmas cards during this digital age is a tradition that needs to be nurtured and maintained for future generations. So many people now turn to emails and text messages in place of sending cards and it’s such as shame. Yes it’s … Read more

Cotton Wool Ball Butterflies

 We had yet another wet day over here on the East coast of Ireland yesterday. So I set up a butterfly painting activity for Bella to help brighten up our morning, whilst the boys were in school.  I’ve been doing a lot of colour recognition activities with Bella over the last few weeks and I … Read more