Have a Christmas Tree You Can Be Proud Of!


Are you looking to create a family Christmas Tree filled with love and memories this holidays? There is no better way to do this, than to have your own children make the decorations to go onto your Christmas Tree.  Below you will find 12 different ideas for 12 Christmas Tree Decorations, that will be as unique as your child, when you add them to your own Christmas Tree.

12 days of christmas tree decorations for kids to make

I am really looking forward to unpacking our Christmas Tree ornaments this year and dressing our tree with the kids. We don’t follow a theme or a set colour scheme, my kids are not banned from going near the tree or from helping to decorate it. Our Christmas Tree becomes almost part of our family, as it stands proudly showing off the ornaments and decorations that my kids have made over the years. Each item tells it’s own story or sparks a happy memory, as we all take a turn hanging items on the tree. We by no means fill the whole of our tree with DIY decorations, in fact some of our store bought items also tell a particular story, but it is the hand-made items which mean the most.

We can’t wait to get started on making some new ornaments to hang on our Christmas Tree this year. To get ours and your creative juices flowing, we are sharing 12 different Christmas Tree decorations that kids can make.

12 Christmas Tree Decorations for Kids to Make

12 days of christmas tree decorations for kids to make

Turn a Mason Jar into a cute Snowman Ornament.

This super simple Santa’s Hat is perfect for little toddler and preschool hands to make.

Older kids will love tying ribbon scraps to twigs to make these very effective Christmas Trees.

Last year we discovered that mixing Bubble Wrap and Salt Dough creates a winning combination.

12 days of christmas tree decorations for kids to make

Only have a minute to spare? Then have a go at these 1 minute makes.

Our Bubble Wrap Snowman Snow Globe was a real winner at school last year.

You will never guess what is added to cinnamon to create these Cinnamon Dough Ornaments?

How adorable are these Kids Decorative Paper Straws Christmas Trees?

12 days of christmas tree decorations for kids to make

Salt dough handprint crafts make a beautiful keep sake. Why not have a go at these Santa Hand-print Ornaments.

Not only these Home-made Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments pretty, they are also great for working on fine motor skills.

These Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees can be made and enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Why not add a Yarn Wrapped Star to the top of your Christmas Tree?

Keep a close eye on our Instagram Feed for new ideas over the next few weeks for Christmas Tree Decorations.


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