Googly Eye Envelope Aliens Busy Bag


Are you sick and tired of relying on a screen to entertain your kids when you are out and about? Next time your going on a road trip, eating out or waiting for an appointment bring along a busy bag instead.

Googly Eye Envelope Aliens Busy Bag What is a Busy Bag?

A busy bag contains all the elements you need for an activity that is suitable to do on the go. You can bring them in the car, take them along to a restaurant or even bring them out at home when the kids are getting bored.

They are perfect for pre-school aged children and equally as adaptable for older and younger children. I love to have a couple in the car for my daughter to play with when we are waiting for her big brothers to come out of school. I hate to always be handing over my phone or ipad to her, so they are a great screen free alternative.

Busy bags can be filled with many different things, we have chosen an arts and crafts theme for this particular busy bag. For lots more inspiration you can check out the rest of the ideas on Teach Me Mommy’s A-Z of Busy Bag Series.

Googly Eye Envelope Aliens Busy Bag

Googly Eye Envelope Alien Busy Bag

Busy Bag Contents

  • Coloured Envelopes
  • Googly Eyes
  • Dot Stickers
  • Yarn
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Googly Eye Envelope Aliens Busy Bag Making

Arts and Crafts themed Busy Bags are perfect for kids of all ages to play with. All 3 of mine tested out this busy bag at home. They all really enjoyed it, so I will be adding this to my supply of Busy Bags to bring out, when we need a screen free distraction.

Googly Eye Envelope Aliens Busy Bag Making

They cut and coloured, stuck on googly eyes and stickers and made up stories about their aliens as they worked on them.

Googly Eye Envelope Alien Puppets

They make perfect puppets as well to put on a show in between your main course and dessert when you are dining out.


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