Invitation to make…plaster of paris and playdough cupcakes

This week we are celebrating our 1st birthday over on Multicraftingmummy. To thank you all for your fantastic support on our blogging journey so far, we are going to be having a week (or so) long party. I have invited some of my favourite bloggers over to share lots of fun birthday themed activities with you. I would love for you to share your tips for a successful birthday party as well and any ideas for perfect party food and games. I will be posting a big round up of all the ideas shared on the last day of our party!
I am delighted to be welcoming over Leandra from today to share her fab Plaster of Paris and playdough Cupcake activity. It would be great if you could pop over to Leandra’s blog after reading her post over here to check out her other great recipe and craft ideas.
Plaster of paris and play dough cup cake activity for kids

Thomas loves making play dough cup cakes, the problem I have is that they take a LOT of play dough and you need more than one colour.  I decided that what we needed were some sort of ‘fake cakes’ that we could put in the cases and then decorate with our playdough.

For this little project I turned to plaster of paris, I managed to get a 400g tub from The Range for £2.99 to make the base of our cupcakes.

 I mixed 1 part water to 2 parts plaster of paris and set in a silicone cup cake case. Before I left it to dry I stuck a candle holder in the top. It took about 24 hours to set completely.  I was hoping for a bit of a smoother consistency, but it was drying out as quickly as I was adding it. Next time I’ll definitely do it one at a time!
When we were ready to make our play dough cupcakes, I put the ‘fake cake’ back in the mould and let T decorate them with his playdough.


First we rolled out the icing to cover our ‘cake’.

Then we ‘piped’ out icing using our play dough tools.

Now we have a permanent ‘fake cake’ that we can bring out every time we want to decorate a cup cake. Who knows we might even venture into mixing colours next time!

Happy blog birthday Multicraftingmummy Blog xx

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