Bubble Wrap Santa Craft

Bubble Wrap Santa Christmas Craft for Kids

Add a quirky new twist to a class Cardboard Tube Santa Craft. Make his beard from Bubble Wrap.  Big brother was building his birthday Lego. So to  help distract little brother and little sister from their birthday envy (and to give big brother a rare bit of peace and quiet), we set to work on … Read more

Bubble Wrap Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration

Up-cycle your recycling into a cool Snowman DIY Christmas Tree Decoration. Bubble Wrap is the perfect junk material to create falling over a home-made Snowman Snow Globe decoration. DIY Christmas Tree Decorations A December highlight at my sons’ school is the annual “DIY Christmas Tree Decoration” competition. The school supplies a big real Christmas tree … Read more

Up-cycle your re-cycling

I always try to have a handy supply of cardboard tubes, bottle tops, cereal boxes etc stored away for a rainy day. These came in very handy last week when my husband challenged my children to make a special trophy for an upcoming family sporting competition. I sat down with my 3 kids and we … Read more