10 Kids Painting Projects for Easter

Get ready to create some Easter art during the school holidays. Take your pick from our favourite Easter themed Kids Painting Projects. Our list includes ideas to go on the front of your DIY Easter Cards and for your Easter Home Decor.
10 Easter Kids Painting Projects

10 Easter Kids Painting Projects

Let the kids go crazy flicking and splatting paint in our Easter Splat Art Kids Painting  project. Cut out egg shapes from your art and add them onto the front of Easter cards or turn them into colorful Easter bunting.

Use recyclables to Paint an Easter Basket Card for someone special.

Make some Easy Bunny Art using giant marshmallows to print paint over cute bunny templates. This activity is deal for kids of all ages. Just make sure to save a few marshmallows to go into a cup of hot chocolate afterwards.

Easter Egg Painting using Cotton Tips is perfect for strengthening little fingers. Use cotton tips dipped into paint to decorate Easter egg paper templates. The activity takes on a whole new dimension, when you move onto using knuckles and fingers dipped into the paint!

Enjoy swirling paint around in shaving foam in this Marbled Easter egg painting  sensory painting activity. Another great idea for the front of an Easter card.

Egg Splatter Kids Painting  is perfect for developing strong fine motor skills. This activity uses old toothbrushes to splatter paint over paper Easter egg templates.

Painting with plastic Easter eggs is a fun activity which uses plastic eggs dipped into paint to create some lovely circle collage pictures. Also makes for a  great colour recognition activity for a toddler.

Another great kids painting project using plastic Easter eggs is Rolled Easter egg painting. But this time keep them whole and roll them around in paint for a messy painting activity.

We adore using bubble wrap in our painting activities. Here is a fab idea on how to use it to add a quirky texture to an Easter egg paper template. Bubble wrap Easter egg painting .

An old classic with an Easter twist Potato print chicks .

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