Rainbow Rice Sensory Tray

Practice pre-writing skills in our Rainbow Rice Sensory Tray. Stimulate your pre-schoolers sense of touch, sight and sound, as they work they work on strengthening their fine motor skills in this sensory based learning activity. Supplies Rainbow Rice (see below) Gold Coins Shamrock Confetti Selection of Mark Making Tools – popsicle sticks, paintbrushes, play dough … Read more

Roll a Bubble Wrap Rainbow

Our latest Bubble Wrap Activity: Roll a Bubble Wrap Rainbow is the perfect project to get all of your kids working together this Spring.  We are gearing up for St Patrick’s Day as well over here, so we added on our very own little pot of god (just in case the boys don’t manage to … Read more

Pot O’ Gold At The End of the Rainbow Activities

Have you ever wondered why you can never find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? It’s usually because a pesky Leprechaun has beaten you to it! What are Leprechauns? This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Leprechauns are the mischievous Irish Fairies associated with St Patrick’s Day. A day to honour the Patron … Read more

Collaborative Rainbow Collage for Kids

Collaborative rainbow collage for kids This week the boys wrote a play together called “The Magic Rainbow” and they wanted to make their own Rainbow backdrop for their play to help set the scene. We had a supply of large sheets of cardboard left over from a recent splurge in Ikea, which were perfect for … Read more

Making Rainbows

When I m planning an arts and crafts activity I try as much as possible to get my own children to help me come up with ideas on things that they would like to do. When we were making a list of things we would like to make about “Spring” my eldest son said that … Read more