Up-cycle your re-cycling

I always try to have a handy supply of cardboard tubes, bottle tops, cereal boxes etc stored away for a rainy day. These came in very handy last week when my husband challenged my children to make a special trophy for an upcoming family sporting competition. I sat down with my 3 kids and we … Read more

Making Rainbows

When I m planning an arts and crafts activity I try as much as possible to get my own children to help me come up with ideas on things that they would like to do. When we were making a list of things we would like to make about “Spring” my eldest son said that … Read more

Playdough Pictures.

Who can resist the appeal of playdough? It comes in a variety of colours, with a wealth of different cutters, rollers and other equipment to press, shape and mould it into a endless array of possibilities. You can even make your own playdough using a few simple store cupboard ingredients. You can then add various … Read more


Do your kids enjoy doing arts and crafts? But do you sometimes find it a challenge to find crafts which are suitable for all of your children to get involved in at the same time? There are countless blogs and sites out there with endless arts and crafts ideas for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers etc but … Read more